Live Music for Weddings, Corporate Events, and More


The Soundtrack To Your Wedding

Love is undefinable. That's why music is so important. It conveys what words cannot express. And even as you write your vows, you might be thinking "I can't sum it all up in just a few paragraphs". Music has a way of getting close.

As you read this, I want you to think of a song that you and your partner share. One that makes you think of each other; where you were standing when you first met, how you felt the first time you said "I love you". Is there a song that comes to mind when you think of these moments? Maybe there's several.

My job as a singer and acoustic guitarist is to provide couples with the soundtrack to your lives over the course of your wedding day as you embark on a life long journey in marriage together. Just like that first moment you met your partner, you'll also remember the moment you said "I do" for the rest of your lives. And you deserve to have everything in that moment be perfect. And in that perfect moment, playing music from an iPhone doesn't make the cut.

I work intimately with my clients to ensure that the music that I perform for your wedding is tailored exactly to you. And with the help of my vast repertoire, couples can enjoy the process of picking from my set list of over 500 songs that they want played at their wedding; for the ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner. You deserve the perfect soundtrack to your wedding.

The Company You Keep (Corporate Events)

A good employer hires qualified, enthusiastic individuals who's values reflect well on the company. So when you're looking for an entertainer for an event of any kind, you need to look for someone who will make you look good. In a world where the 9 to 5 model has nearly disintegrated, employees are working harder than ever to fulfill the vision of the company; working longer hours, during vacations and bringing their work home with them. This is why it is even more imperative that when you are out of the office, you can remain both productive and entertained. In fact, listening to music has been proven to increase productivity and creativity.

I am confidently able to provide a vast repertoire of over 500 songs that will no doubt be able to meet the musical tastes of your team. In my 10+ years of experience, I have cultivated professional relationships with several successful companies and organizations that no doubt contribute to my qualifications as a performer and entertainer. I look forward to working with you. >

Other Events

You'd be surprised how many different kinds of events I have played. It's not just limited to Weddings and Corporate Events. I've done everything; performing at Birthday Parties, Wine Releases and more. Whatever your needs or wants are, I'm positive I can meet them.

I make myself available to all my clients to answer any questions you might have. Think you have an event you'd like to have me perform? Let me know! I'm here to help raise the bar and create a memorable event you and your guests will talk about for years to come.

Some of my past clients include...

The Seattle Seahawks
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
John Howie Steakhouse
Brooks Sports
Seattle Children's Hospital
Seattle Art Museum
Ben's Fund
N.O.A.H Pet Adoption Center & Shelter
Rosario Resort, Orcas Island
Fremont Veterinary Hospital
Overlake Country Club
Chateau Ste Michelles
Willows Lodge
The Lodge at St Edward
Washington Athletic Club
Tranche Winery
Delille Wines
Columbia Winery
Novelty Hill Januik
Brian Carter
Patterson Cellars
Basel Cellars
JM Cellars
Lill Family Wines
Alexandria Nicole Cellars
Efeste Wines
Village Wines
Gorman Wines
The Triple Door
The Neptune Theater
The Crocodile

Song Sampler

Here are some examples of the quality and versatility you can expect from a performance. My repertoire spans across the decades from the 1960's up to current day hits. And I do it all solo using one microphone and an acoustic guitar; perfect for any setting.

You can see my complete song library here

Contact & Booking

For all inquiries, booking, or to request a quote, please e-mail: